2024 Buyer Pre-Registration 

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Buyer Registration

Company Information

응답기간: 2024-07-15 - 2024-08-22

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (Act No. 10465 on March 29, 2011), "2024 pre-registration of buyers" is possible only after the following consent procedures for collecting and utilizing personal information.

1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information
The information collected through "2024 Buyer Pre-Registration" will be used for the management of participants, such as sending prizes, and for the information of exhibitions and events hosted by the organizer My Team Fair.

2. Personal Information Items to Collect
- Required items: Company name, name, email, mobile phone number, and other survey items

3. How to collect personal information
Related information is collected through the personal information entered at the time of application.

4. Period of personal information retention and use
After the purpose of collecting and using personal information has been achieved, the information will be destroyed without delay.
- Reasons for preservation: Participant management, notification of the exhibition hosted by My Team Fair Co., Ltd
- Preservation period: up to two years after the event
- If you wish to withdraw, please call 02-6204-3577 ( ※ However, you may retain it for a certain period of time after withdrawal as prescribed by law)

5. rights
You have the right to refuse consent to collect personal information under the Personal Information Protection Act, and if you refuse to collect it, "2024 Buyer Pre-Registration" is not possible, so please note this.